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Professional-grade permanent makeup products

Since over a decade ArtLiner® strives to provide the highest quality permanent makeup pigments and PMU devices, manufactured for permanent makeup professionals to create their absolute best work. A fully comprehensive selection of ArtLiner® PMU & Microblading products provides permanent makeup artists with all what they need to excel.

In the exceptional portfolio of ArtLiner® PMU and microblading supplies you will find the best permanent make-up pigments, innovative and functional PMU machines, as well as a complete range of products for microblading procedures, such as microblading pigments, microblading tools and accessories.

ArtLiner® has all to carry out a fabulous PMU or microblading treatment with precision and all to elevate your success. Rise and shine bright.

PLASMA Technology

ArtLiner® presents the newest FIBROLOGY® system designed by our strategic business partner that is active in aesthetic medicine sector: DERMEDICS® for an ADVANCED LCR™ Lifting ♦ Correction ♦ Rejuvenation – EXCELLENCE IN SKINCARE – REAL RESULTS™

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