ArtLiner® One PMU Machine

ArtLiner® One PMU Machine


The ArtLiner® ONE PMU device is our new master piece and combines proven technology with a state-of-the-art design and was engineered and beta tested in cooperation with top, reputable artists from around the world.

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Made in Poland, today!
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Special Edition Essential PMU System

ArtLiner® is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the new ArtLiner® ONE PMU Machine!

The ArtLiner® ONE PMU device is our new master piece and combines proven technology with a state-of-the-art design and was engineered and beta tested in cooperation with top, reputable artists from around the world.

ArtLiner® ONE is the smart choice, with ultra-precision, for all PMU procedures and offers you more mobility due to its compact dimensions. With 80-200 needle insertions per second the ArtLiner® ONE is a small but very powerful PMU device.


Perfect Permanent Makeup begins with the perfect PMU Machine

A craftsman is only as good as his tools, that’s why we have created a line of extraordinary digital PMU machines fulfilling the highest standards of workmanship with a maximum precision, to give amazing results to our and your customers. ArtLiner® PMU equipments are trusted by Top Artists in the PMU industry. Once you use the ArtLiner® PMU Machine you will never use any other PMU System again.

Our standard is platinum, what’s yours?

…experience the ArtLiner® PMU device difference today!

ArtLiner® micropigmentation machines are designed to impress you with the highest precision in cosmetic tattooing

Work with excellence – To work like a true PMU Master you deserve the best PMU Machine for your art

ArtLiner® PMU devices providing the highest level of precision to work on different areas of cosmetic tattoing treatments. ArtLiner® PMU machines are ultra-precise, the advanced and fully digital operation system is included in every model of ArtLiner® PMU equipments to ensure a precise control of needle punctures with a stable depth. Stability of the needle guidance is essential for an equal insertion of pigment because it eliminates the number of needle passes for all micropigmentation and medical treatment applications. Not only the artist’s work but also the healing process of the patient is faster.

ArtLiner® Micropigmentation Equipments provide you the highest safety possible

While expressing your art in the purest form

ArtLiner® digital permanent makeup machines meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. We propose only disposable needle modules (cartridges) with security membranes and sealed enclosure to prevent fluid from flowing backwards into the device. Every module is completely sterilized and individually packaged for best safety for both – the patient and the operator.

All your micropigmentation business needs properly served and covered!

ArtLiner® gives you an unlimited spectrum for your semi permanent tattooing procedures

The ArtLiner® professional PMU equipments and tools are providing amazing results for all types of micropigmentation procedures, from creation of ultra-nano hair strokes, through lips and eyelids tattooing, to a bio-tattooing and corrective medical pigmentation (scars retouch/camouflage).

Hi-Tech power under Your command.

Success in your hands!

ArtLiner® gives all tools for an advanced PMU artistry, such as professional PMU Devices, safety needle cardridges and sterile micropigments which are dedicated for world renowned Artists globally on every level of educational program of ArtLiner® Academy.

Educational Program

ArtLiner® means:

PMU devices for all Artists’ needs and levels

ArtLiner® offers outstanding digital PMU devices completely designed and assembled in Poland to unleash the true potential of micropigmentation artists across the globe and on all education levels.

The equipment makes the difference…

ArtLiner® provides you with the best PMU devices, colors and cartridges available across the world.

ArtLiner® Permanent Makeup Machines & Products – The best choice for your business.

  • Digital professional PMU machines produced in accordance with European Union directives and harmonized standards which is approved by international permanent makeup artists worldwide
  • Permanent makeup devices in modern shapes and varieties
  • Competitive conditions of cooperation
  • Professional PMU workshops/trainings
  • Quick and professional customer service
  • Complete support in education: from a student to a Master!

Composition of the set

  1. PMU device
  2. dermograph (pen)
  3. power adapter 19V
  4. pen holder
  5. user manual

Exclusive pricing.

ArtLiner® Academy students receive exclusive student pricing and discounts.

Trusted Warranty.

12 + 12 months extra!

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Additional information

Country of origin


Design / construction


Software / electronics




Pen (dermograph)


Option for extra pen


Laser for biostimulation


Detector of pigment


Foot pedal


Power cord


Power adapter


Optional tools


Display board

LCD screen (1.9×1.26cm) with membrane buttons under panel (full protection of electronics from dirt and humidity)

Output way


Levels of speed


Working frequency

200 pps

Adjustment of depth

0-1mm (regulated) exact to 0,05mm (1 rotation = 1mm)



Material of construction


Dominant color




Type of plug


Standards ECM/LDV

CE compliance

Safety cartridges

Easy twist system

User manual



12 months (standard) + 12 months after online registration