Micro PMU Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridges


ArtLiner® Micro Needle Cartridges offer quality beyond compare, made specifically for professional PMU artists. That’s why ArtLiner® has archived a strong reputation for manufacturing one of the best cartridges on the international PMU market using the highest quality materials available.

This dedication results in a flawless HIGH-END PMU CARTRIDGE NEEDLE: The ArtLiner® micro permanent makeup needle cartridge ensures optimal performance. ArtLiner® Micro Needle Cartridges have been setting new standards since over a decade and deliver an exceptional ink flow, each and every time. Pigment deposit is quick and direct, minimizing trauma to the skin when it counts.

You’ll notice superior sharpness of the ArtLiner® Micro Needle Cartridge that never dulls.

Our 1-micro PMU needle cartridges will ensure you the success you need to carry out a fabulous PMU treatment with precision.

The ArtLiner® 1-micro permanent makeup needle cartridge is used for very thin lines. The razor-sharp, flexible 0,25mm needle configuration makes it an excellent PMU needle for hair stroke techniques on eyebrows, allowing you to tattoo perfect crisp lines and soft shading with minimum trauma.

Please note: low skin resistance, be sure not to puncture too deeply.


The ArtLiner® 3-micro permanent makeup needle cartridge is suitable for fine and soft hair strokes.

3 micro pmu needle cartridge - best needle for Razor look (Scalp pigmentation). The 3-micro pmu needle cartridge can be used for lash liner (lash enhancement) pencil eyeliner with edge effect all in all the 3-micropermanent makeup needle cartridge creates a thin soft line.

The 3-micro permanent makeup needle cartridge comes with 3 needles but that has the particularity of being almost as fine as the 1 prong.

Note: 3-micro needle configuration is less painful, for this reason it can be perfectly used for fine lip contour.

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